Importance of Business writing.

By: Bina Rana Magar

The world today is like a spider web, where every possible corner is connected by the network created by internet. But will such network be effective without the effective means of communication? Of course not, provided the fact that face-face interaction is always not possible. Even if it’s possible, the credibility and evidence that a written document can provide cannot be provided by simple oral/verbal communication. Thus this creates the space for the essence of writing in this era.

Business writing is the formal way of communication, be it within the organization or between the organizations. Every organization now and then has to communicate with its clients, present itself well to the prospective investors, and represent itself clearly enough to avoid misunderstandings. The writing skills are important to an individual from the perspective of his/her career growth and to the organization for better representation in the market. The following points are some of the reasons that deal about the importance of business writing:

•   For an Individual/Employee:

1. Demonstration of intelligence: Who doesn’t get impressed by the good writing skills? When you are in particular job, even if writing is not your primary job, how you come across is very crucial. It means that a few grammatical or punctuation errors, though seems to be minor mistake, get noticed by people. There is tendency to think that if you don’t write well, you are less intelligent. If you want to impress your senior or colleagues, practice excellent documentation.

2. Shows your credibility: The employees who can write well are perceived to be more credible and trustworthy. As a result of this, you might be assigned with more responsible work making you eligible candidate for promotion.

3. Conveyance of courtesy: A courteous business letter or document expresses the individual’s respect for the receiver and the organization they work for. In other words, a kind of professionalism is reflected through precise and good business writing.

4. Helps in your career growth: If you are best communicator in your workplace then your colleagues will trust you for proofreading before they present it to their supervisor. The company will also seek you when serious proposals or other business writing is to be drafted. This will make you outstand among the crowd and thus help you in your career growth.

•   For the company:

1. Business writing helps to foster effective communication: The Company has to be responsible towards its stakeholders and communicate every change or updates with them in clear and proper channels. These basically include e-mails, brochures, reports, statements, presentations, social media updates, and so on. Effective business writing makes the communication valuable and credible.

2. Record keeping: Information shared through verbal means is lost immediately after they are delivered. Written documents can be kept for years with lesser threat of it being lost.

3. To grab opportunity in market: Business environment is too dynamic; you need to grab opportunity as they come. For this, various investment proposals for business expansion have to be sent to potential investors or advertisements about new product/service are to be communicated with potential and existing customers. With good business writing skills, the company can widen its opportunity and grab the market share.

4. For strong web presence and promotion: Many businesses are having win-win situation for which digital marketing has been the latest trend. Use of internet and its resources in better way can be showcased with the help of business writing skills.

5. Business writing helps establish better relationships: Globalization has opened up the territorial borders for the trade and business. So the company doesn’t have to limit its market presence. Maintaining positive relationship with its national and international investors, partners or customers is very important. Business writing is one of the better ways to establish such relation through frequent communication.

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