9 Things you could take away from our workshop “Elevate with HR: Start-up Edition”

Bibek Khadgi

Economic growth and employments in the market today is driven by the growing numbers of young and new firms. Being freshly established firms, the organization culture however remain organic. The organization culture now is more laid back and forgiving than before and employees are more at liberty and comfort. Having said that, the challenges to keep these workforce aligned with the company’s motive is an uphill battle. As employees are the vital element to keep the company running, it is crucial for any entrepreneur to keep them happy as well as get the best out of them and to do so is a challenge. Keeping this in mind, Providhi along with Job Dynamic Pvt. Ltd conducted a one day workshop “Elevate with HR: Start-up Edition” for Entrepreneurs to give a crash course on how they can maintain a productive workforce.

Here are nine things you could take away from the workshop:

1.Lead by example

One of the most efficacious way to engage your employees is to lead by example. It is your job as an entrepreneur to set positive energy in the work environment. Confidence, perseverance, work ethic and good sense are some of the qualities a good leader must have. Once you render this in action, the employees will follow the same. Employees will start having a clearer idea of what you want them to do and how. This will help to create an environment where good questions and good ideas can come from anyone.

2.New generation of workforce

For entrepreneurs, it is important to understand what their employees are driven by and what motivates them to work. For most of the millennial, it is not a good pay check neither it a good bonus and other monetary incentives. They are driven by meaning of why they want to work, how happy they are with the work and treatment they get, and finally how connected they feel in the work space. As an employer, you must be able to align their interest with the company’s interest so that they feel they are doing something meaningful. Similarly, creating an environment that appreciates their work and practicing a fair and just reward system that makes them happy should be taken into consideration. Finally forming an inclusive clan culture that makes the employees feel included in the group are among the factors that motivate them.

3.Compliance with the law of land

When we talk about law, it is a common practice to perceive it as a negative term or as a limitation to the company. However, as an entrepreneur it is important to rethink about the concept of law because law is not there to constrict you, rather it is there to create a system that treats everyone fairly. It is crucial to follow a standard system for a company to practice fairness and justice. An entrepreneur must be well versed about the law of the land so as to avoid any conflicts that may arise in the future.  Following law also ensures the rights of the employee is protected.

4.5 F’s to consider

As an entrepreneur, following are five F that you should consider to understand why employees will work for you.

Fit: Consider whether the employee is right fit for the job and they have the competencies to perform the task

Family: Consider whether or not their families approve of the job because family’s approval is important factor on whether or not they will work for you.

Freedom: The amount of freedom also determines whether or not employee wants to work for you

Fortune: Adequate incentives must be offered to attract employees as it is one of the crucial thing that decides whether or not employees will work for you.

Fun: Recreational activities could be another factor that employees look for in a company, so you should consider proper refreshment and recreational activities.

5.Formalities before hiring

Before hiring any employee there should be other formalities that needs to be performed in order to avoid any unwanted circumstances. These formalities includes having proper medical examination and fit for work certificates. Furthermore you might also run background checks to see whether or not the person that you are going to hire is credible. It is always better to stay on safe side than to regret it later.


A written proof is always a better evidence than verbal proof. Having everything written and documented is a good way to avoid conflict in the future. It is better to prepare a separate file for every employee and have information about them documented. This could come in handy if and when it is required.

7.Job description

A job description communicates elements related to the work. It includes the title of the job, who the person should report to, the tasks they have to perform and the qualities that they need to have to perform the job. The daily working hours is also mentioned. Since, job descriptions help candidates understand what they are getting into, it should be well written and structured in a way that is clearly understandable by the intended reader while the important aspects of work are also not discarded.

8.Setting performance bar

Setting performance bar is one of the good practice, an entrepreneur could follow so as to measure the performance of the employees. This will be helpful for the entrepreneur to check whether or not the employee that have been hired have required competencies to complete the task. For this they could devise a proper performance indicators and define competencies required to achieve these indicators. This performance indicator will also help them have a fair reward system.

9.Knowing your employee

Every employee that work for you is not the same. So, it is a good idea to understand every one individually so that you can identify what they are good at and what they lack. This will help you place employees in the right position and train them if necessary. This will also enable you to understand the potential of your workforce.

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