These are the top 10 skills that will be most sought by 2020, according to the “The Future of Jobs” report by World Economic Forum, and presented in the infograph (refer above picture) by Monster India.
Looking at this data meticulously, we can conclude that one requires a lot of ‘human’ skills to grow and climb the career ladder. People Management (At number 4), Coordinating with People (At number 5), Emotional Intelligence (At number 6), Judgement and decision making (At number 7), and Negotiation (At number 9) are all skills related with managing your “human” assets.
The human side of doing business has not and will probably never fade away, because no matter how technologically advanced we become, it is with humans we ultimately have to work with. Therefore, having a good cognitive knowledge and behavioral skills of human resources management is just as necessary as other daily activities.
Therefore, Jobs Dynamics Pvt. Ltd. invites you to rise above your current role and to prepare yourself for a bigger, and better skill of managing your most important assets – humans. Jobs Dynamics is conducting a whole day’s workshop entitled “Elevate with HR” on different aspects of human resources management, that is specially designed to polish their human managing skills.



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