How to prepare yourself better for today’s job market in Nepal?

By: Sabina Bakhadyo

The number of students now entering the university has been increasing, and so are the number of work force seeking the employment in the market. Obtaining a college degree is wonderful – it’s an outcome of the time you’ve invested, sleepless nights, worries over deadlines, research and those long hours at library. You become so caught up in the stress of college that you actually forget what you’re doing this for. These deadlines, exams, and presentations are not designed to ruin your life; but are supposed to prepare you to go out and get a good job. However, it’s not enough and you need to prepare yourself better for today’s job market. The competition that you face from each other to find jobs is increasing and the need to stand out from the crowd is important than it has ever been.
Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself for the job market: –

1. Research – The first step begins with updating yourself with all the information you can about the companies. You should find the objective of the company, their work, their main challenges, and the organization culture. You can always spend your time on the website of the company and do a little research on social media to evaluate the job market.

2. Update your documents – Before entering into the job market, you should have all your documents updated till date. For example, you should update your curriculum vitae with the most recent accomplishments, academic records, employment history, and projects to sell yourself in the job market.

3. Match skill sets to job requirement – You should know your unique skills and consider how those skill sets fit the organization’s needs. You should not just apply to anything that is out there – you can always focus on the jobs that match your skill sets and level of experience.

4. Create and maintain an online presence – The job market is changing today and even the organizations are recruiting through social media connections. One way to increase your visibility in your field is to maintain an active online presence on social media sites.

For example, LinkedIn is one of the social media sites, which is mainly used for professional networking – where you can update your profiles describing the work experience, educational background, skills and endorsements, and interests. The site also allows you to make connections with other members, which represent the real-world professional relationship. With the site, you can always search and post the required jobs to reach out the wide audiences.

5. Develop your cultural intelligence – Like countries, organizations too have value systems, which are referred to as organization culture. Organizations are always looking for those employees who can quickly adapt to new cultures and integrate well in the foreign environment. Therefore, you need to increase your cultural intelligence and develop an adaptable attitude to remain employable in an organization.

6. Become more flexible to working practices – It’s not only the jobs on demand that are set to change, but the way you work. Flexibility on the job includes the ability and willingness to readily adapt and respond to changing circumstances. Flexible employees are more valued in an organization as they are able to take on more responsibilities and accomplish more tasks in a given period of time.


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